There are over 1000 performing arts graduates yearly in Nigeria without jobs

No prospects to fend for their families, as Nigeria has no standard performance stage for these graduates.

As a result, young, educated talent is wasting away without an outlet for expression.

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Our Foundation

Is changing the lives of musicians by providing a performance stage for young, incredibly talented Africans pursuing careers in Performing Arts

Creating cultural connections with Creatives of African origin around the world

Creating a formal performing arts eco system of international standards

Creating jobs for the creative industry in Nigeria and West Africa

Imagine an Opera House in Lagos

that gives these young graduates the opportunity to earn a livelihood, whilst contributing to the classical arts in an African idiom.

Imagine a hub of creatives

composing, curating and performing African Opera


opera house model

With a Vision

And a Mission

To provide a stage where African classical music is performed; where musicians and composers of African origin and otherwise, display their talent and contribute to the classical music genre with an African idiom.


We do it best.

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